TBY signs an MoU with the Jamaican Promotions Corporation (JAMPRO)

Kingston, September 19, 2018—The Business Year and JAMPRO have signed a new MoU, confirming their partnership on this year’s edition The Business Year: Jamaica 2018. Diane Edwards, President of JAMPRO, and Asta Barry, Country Manager of TBY, renewed their signatures on an MoU on August 14.

The Business Year has returned to the Caribbean country for its second consecutive year to create a 2019 publication on the country’s economy, providing its high-profile readership with an accurate and precise picture of Jamaica’s latest achievements of each sector.

Moreover, this strategic partnership and publication is in line with Jamaica’s Vision 2030, which focuses on structural reforms that will situate the country on the global trade map, bringing in more FDI.

As the President of JAMPRO, Diane Edwards, stated, the second publication will highlight even more the growth and the initiatives that are transforming Jamaica into one of the most valuables places to do business in the world, while at the same time preserving its cultural richness and variety.

Similarly, Asta Barry, TBY’s Country Manager for Jamaica, said: “this is an opportunity to develop further our research on a country that has the potential to become a top worldwide player.”

With a strategic location at the heart of the Caribbean, Jamaica is boosting links with other regional players via ambitious projects, such as the Jamaica Logistics Hub Master Plan, a 20-year plan that encompasses 7 enablers, 65 strategies, and 105 actions to boost the economy and empower the use of nearly than 3,900 hectares of development island-wide. This plan, and many more, will come under the microscope in TBY’s latest edition, The Business Year: Jamaica 2019.

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