TBY recognizes Efes Kazakhstan

Kazakhstan February 26, 2015—TBY recently met with Serkan Eris, Managing Director of Efes Kazakhstan, to talk about the company’s latest achievements and highlights in the country.

“Innovation is the key to success. Efes is committed not only to growing its market share, but also to assisting in the growth of the beer segment as a whole. When we launch a new product, we are not trying to beat our competitors; instead, we ensure that Efes offers a wider variety of products that meet the expectations of different target groups. In 2014 we launched quite a few products, such as Efes Radler, which was produced and launched in Kazakhstan for the first time,” Eris told TBY in an exclusive interview that will be published in The Business Year: Kazakhstan 2015.

TBY also recognized Efes Kazakhstan’s tireless support and dedication in promoting international investment and interest in the country The company is investing not only in modern equipment and technology but also in the development of the country’s human capital. The Managing Director said; “Over the last three years we have doubled our training budget each year in spite of the devaluation and turbulence in the market. Everyone who works for Efes attends tailor-made training with a particular focus on commercial capabilities and leadership. These are the main pillars of our training. Our ambition is to make Efes Kazakhstan the best company to work with in the country. That implies attracting the talent, making sure they are engaged with the business, company vision, and values and creating a stimulating environment. We have quite a high engagement rate of 79%. This is, in fact, one of the highest rates in the world.”