TBY pens MoU with Investment Fund of Kazakhstan

The MOU was signed on Wednesday, February 17, 2016, in Astana by Rinat Sisembayev, CEO of IFK, and Giuliana Caruso, Country Manager for Kazakhstan at TBY.

The agreement specifies areas of cooperation to prepare the upcoming publication and to expand content collaboration and media outreach between the parties. TBY will analyze all of the major sectors of the economy through interviews with top political, commercial, and industrial leaders. IFK will provide editorial input and sector analysis to help build the most comprehensive publication on Kazakhstan’s economy to date.

“Global investors and multinational corporations who are considering Kazakhstan are looking for chances to diversify geographically, hedge risk, and find new strengths and opportunities in a challenging external environment,” highlighted Giuliana Caruso, TBY’s Country Manager. “This agreement will help us to communicate this information. Thanks to IFK’s extensive knowledge of the investment landscape in Kazakhstan, their support will allow us to further strengthen the ties between international and domestic business leaders.”

Rinat Sisembayev, CEO of the Investment Fund of Kazakhstan, commented: “Kazakhstan is a dynamically developing country with great potential for investment in various areas from source countries world wide. As an organization oriented to develop Kazakhstan, IFK is ready to cooperate with any company to share our knowledge in the field of investment plans. Also it should be noted that every year we are seeing a growing investment interest in Kazakhstan from other countries, and that The Business Year is a primary and reliable source of information for such investors.”

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