TBY pens MoU with Council of Saudi Chambers

Saudi Arabia, March 4, 2015—The Business Year (TBY) has signed a partnership with the Council of Saudi Chambers (CSC) to collaborate on the production of The Business Year: Saudi Arabia 2015. This publication on the business and investment landscape in Saudi Arabia will feature over 200 interviews with major policy makers and business leaders as well as in-depth analysis on the majors sectors of the economy. The Business Year: Saudi Arabia 2015 will be the second annual publication from TBY focusing on the Kingdom. Other official partners collaborating on the upcoming edition include the Jeddah Chamber of Commerce and Industry (JCCI) and Asharqia Chamber.

Betül Çakaloğlu, Regional Director of TBY, commented, “The demand for intelligence from the Saudi market is substantial and growing. For many reasons, including but not limited to strong growth in non-oil sectors, advancing regulatory structures, and the expected opening of the stock market to qualified international investors, The Business Year: Saudi Arabia 2015 is currently highly anticipated inside and outside of Saudi Arabia. This partnership with the CSC will greatly assist us in mission of delivering the most accurate and targeted business intelligence to the global investment community.”

Eng. Al Otaiby, Secretary General of the Council of Saudi Chambers, explained that the annual publication will be a key tool in informing local and international businessmen on the Saudi market developments. There will also be a yearly presentation that offers statistics and enterprises updates concerning the main economic sectors of oil, financing, industries, energy, infrastructure, healthcare, education, agriculture, IT, telecommunications, and tourism. Al Otaiby explained the cooperation as part of the Council’s efforts to enhance the diversification of national economy and the Saudi business sector, which in turn will contribute to attracting foreign investments.

The Secretary General stated that the purpose of the publication is to showcase the Kingdom’s continued economic strength and momentum to the global investor community, adding that the Council will provide necessary contributions as to the most covered topics and latest economic and financial developments in the Kingdom. Al Otaiby stated, “We welcome cooperation with all research institutions in our efforts to enhance a knowledge-based economy, as per the Kingdom’s current direction.”

The interviews in The Business Year: Saudi Arabia 2015 will be structured around chapters covering the main sectors of the economy, including finance, energy, industry and mining, ICT, transport, real estate and construction, agriculture, health and education, and tourism. TBY’s research articles provide the reader with vital facts and figures—at both the macroeconomic and microeconomic levels—as well as highlight specific projects, investments, and opportunities. The publication concludes with an executive guide, with an accountancy and legal framework for foreign companies interested in expanding their businesses in the Saudi Arabian market.

The Business Year: Saudi Arabia 2015 currently being produced on the heels of the successful launch of The Business Year: Saudi Arabia 2014. The Business Year: Saudi Arabia 2014 was the inaugural Saudi Arabia-centric publication produced by TBY, with over 97,700 copies distributed internationally, as well as an additional 120,000 via TBY’s iPhone, iPad and Android applications.