TBY partnership with Ministry of Economy and Commerce

TBY and the Ministry of Economy and Commerce of Qatar have signed a far-reaching partnership to facilitate the publication of The Business Year: Qatar 2017. The partnership gives TBY extensive access to information and leaders of both local and international businesses conducting operations in the country.

This partnership is a valuable tool for both the Ministry of Economy and Commerce and TBY to achieve their common goal of showcasing the many investment opportunities offered by Qatar and promoting Qatar as an investment destination as it embarks on its diversification initiatives. Additionally, the partnership will shed the light on the Ministry of Economy and Commerce’s mission in leading sustainable economic growth with private sector participation towards a diversified economy.

The Business Year: Qatar 2017, which features face-to-face interviews with senior executives and government officials across all sectors, will be published in early 2017 and will contain the views and insights of over 150 business leaders. In addition to such interviews, the publication will feature sector analyses, focus articles, and contributions from foreign dignitaries discussing Qatar’s economic future. The publication will be widely distributed both locally and internationally at major economic conferences, investment forums, and events.

TBY’s 2017 team is excited for this year’s project because of the many positive changes occurring in Qatar’s economy. Furthermore, TBY is eager to research important changes in Qatar’s finance, ICT, education, and health sectors. TBY’s finance chapter will explore the benefits of Qatar’s recent upgrade in FTSE Global Equity index, along with efforts to improve financing for SMEs. These upgrades, along with ICT network improvements, will help SMEs grow in line with Qatar’s diversification plans. TBY will also examine improvements in Qatar’s education and health sectors, which act to support human capital development and efforts to become a more knowledge-based economy.