TBY partners with Cartagena Chamber of Commerce

Colombia, 25 November 2014—Leading international publishing and research firm The Business Year (TBY) signed a partnership agreement with Cartagena’s Chamber of Commerce (CCC) on November 21 to collaborate on TBY’s upcoming publication The Business Year: Colombia 2015. The memorandum of understanding (MoU) was signed by Rear Admiral José Alfonso Diaz Gutierrez de Piñares, Executive President of CCC, and Selene Miramontes, Country Manager of TBY.

Companies from diverse countries around the world, and from different sectors including agroindustry, petrochemicals, industry, and logistics have invested in the region. CCC believes in the importance of presenting a positive image in order to make a greater impact on national and international investors. Discussing the partnership agreement, Alfonso Diaz stated that “it is of great importance for us to be able to show the competitive and innovative activities that our city and region are engaged in with the support of the CCC. We are convinced that through this prestigious publication we will demonstrate in national and international arenas how attractive to investment Cartagena and the region truly are. We support TBY unreservedly because we understand that it is thanks to these synergies that we will continue projecting our good image.” In response to this statement, Selene Miramontes stressed that, “TBY is proud of this collaboration with the CCC as the aim of both entities is to attract investment to the country. We believe that strategic alliances like this one will strengthen the integration of all sectors to produce greater and better competitiveness.”

Cartagena in the Bolívar department of Colombia is currently opening up to the wider world and attempting to demonstrate its strong trading capacity. Over six consecutive years, the Caribbean Shipping Association (CSA) has awarded Cartagena a range of distinctions. Furthermore, Cartagena’s seaport manages 77.41% of the country’s exports. The city has the second largest refinery in the country and is also the gateway for tourism, accounting for the largest numbers of national and international tourist arrivals.

Cartagena’s Chamber of Commerce

The Chamber of Commerce of Cartagena is a non-profit private institution of a professional nature. The institutional body serves the interests of the government and commercial firms by promoting regional development. Its aim is to lead business development and competitiveness in the region, generating credibility and encouraging other actors in society to achieve a broad transformation.