TBY in the news in Mozambique

Mozambique, August 12, 2013—In the run up to the launch of The Business Year: Mozambique 2013, and to mark the MoU signed with the Investment Promotion Centre (CPI) for the production of The Business Year: Mozambique 2014, TBY’s team in Mozambique carried out interviews that were published in O Paid and Noticias, the two largest newspapers in the country.

Following the launch on August 12, 2013, TBY was in the newspapers again, featuring in stories covering the event. O Pais led with the headline ” [Minister of Planning and Development] Cuereneia says The Business Year is a gateway for investment,” referring to a speech made by the Minister at the launch.

The launch of The Business Year: Mozambique 2013 was also featured on Televisão de Moçambique (TVM) on 26th August. To see the broadcast, visit TBY’s YouTube channel or click here: