TBY talks to Christian Veloza, CEO of In Fit, on the heath sector.

Christian Veloza

How did the idea of setting up In Fit came about and why Panama?

In Fit is a dynamic brand that offers a personalized training for people who want to make a change in their lives but do not have a lot of time. An electro stimulation suit helps to facilitate fat burning via electric pulses straight to the seven major muscle groups that are targeted for 20 minutes with a professional trainer. After market research in different Latin American countries, we opened our first club in Panama due to country's economic growth. We were the first to offer this type of training. Currently, we have three clubs in Panama City: in Avenida Balboa, San Francisco, and Costa del Este.

What is your strategy to stand out from the rest?

For In Fit, innovation and excellent service are its mainstay, which is why we have fitness assistants who schedule daily appointments and provide continuous monitoring to our partners—customers—to achieve their goals. In 2018, we launched our application on all platforms to have a more intimate approach with our partners, supporting them with adjustable nutritional guides and conventional exercises complementary to electro stimulation training.