Panama 2018 | TELECOMS & IT | COLUMN

TBY talks to Andrey Gorsky, General Manager of Punto Pago Panama, on the Telecoms and IT sector.

Andrey Gorsky

How has the past year been?

For us, 2017 was fruitful. We doubled our network and reached 1,000 electronic recharge points. Our number of clients grew both quickly and drastically, with monthly users growing by almost 1.5 million. In the system, we have now registered more than 6 million unique clients. In 2018, we plan to continue growing in the same way with close to 1,500 electronic recharge points.

How are your expansion plans going?

We are talking to several funds and banks in Mexico to find out where we can enter with our specific technology. One of these is the Banco Bilbao Vizcaya Argentaria (BBVA). We are examining the entire Latin American region to see where we can successfully expand. In terms of services, our focus this year is to work with banks in Panama, several of which we have already seen good results with. This year, we will continue with these banking projects. Before, clients could only make payments through kiosks, and now they can access a cash-out service from the kiosks. We are in negotiations with five major Panamanian banks.