TBY talks to Thomas Rold, General Manager of Centralam Panama, on the logistics and maritime sector.

Thomas Rold

What are your main services and products?

We are focusing more on providing provisions. It has something to do with Panama's location and the market here. Hardware is typically bought in places where prices are more competitive, meaning Europe, the Far East, and the US. With the use of IT, portals, and perhaps better planning, the need for purchasing hardware in high-cost areas as Panama has fallen. That is the reason we have increased our focus on provisions over time, and it has turned out well for us.

Do you plan to expand your facilities?

We are growing each year and face a lack of space. Another issue at hand is to evaluate options for importing goods and provisions in order to supply more-cost effective goods to vessels. So far, it is not 100% clear what will be feasible; it is a question of full supply chain management. Purchasing patterns are changing, and there are always new challenges and opportunities and alliances to be made. It is difficult to predict the company's growth over the next two years.