Panama 2018 | FINANCE | COLUMN

TBY taIks to Oguel Francisco Suero, General Manager of Avaistmo, on the finance sector.

Oguel Francisco Suero

Can you give us an overview of Avaistmo's evolution?

The company was set up in 2006. The real estate sector was growing significantly in Panama, and a group of engineers had the idea to create a tax-focused company. Initially, we conducted cadastral appraisals for the state but the company evolved and banks began to request our services. In 2011, we had already entered 90% of the banks, and we consolidated our position as a strong competitor in the market. Currently, we are among the largest companies in the sector.

Why should customers choose Avaistmo over other companies, and what differentiates you from the rest?

In addition to the large volumes that we manage, we personalize contact with clients regardless of profile and without interfering with the decision of the rate. This personalized treatment has made customers loyal. Furthermore, we have a policy of quickly delivering the rate.

What are your main targets for 2018?

We are in the process of opening other branches, one fairly advanced in David and another in Santiago or Chitre. We are pleased with the company's growth, which could diversify to other services within the field such as interim inspections. In general, we want to continue to grow in the domestic market.