TBY talks to Hugo H. Guiraud, V. President of Mapiex, on the logistics and maritime sector.

Hugo H. Guiraud

How has 2018 been for the company?

Mapiex is currently working on expanding into other countries and developing new certifications from TRACE regarding the company's integrity. Recently, we received a new certification for ISBAH, making Mapiex the 99th company to acquire certification for aviation handling. Meanwhile, we are in the process of obtaining a new certification for ground operations. Equally important is our plan to finish the procedure to be ISO 9001 2015 compliant by YE2018.

What markets look appealing to you?

Cuba is one market that looks to be attractive for our business model. We are planning for ground handling and other field services for the Cuban market. Our aim is to offer our complete set of services for customers in a new market. Specifically, we want our present customers to have the same experience across the region. All our products are sourced from Panama because that makes it easy for our supporting companies. Regarding aircraft engine parts, we work hand-in-hand with factories to maximize Mapiex's customer services. Our strategy is to continue to give the best service and acquire the most important certifications. We want our customers to know that they are receiving the safest and most efficient services.