TBY talks to Vilma Moreno de Arias, Executive Director, Centro Médico Paitilla (CMP), on the sector.

Vilma Moreno de Arias

How would you characterize the evolution of the health sector in Panama?

There have been positive developments in the last few years; the private sector has stepped up its efforts to offer all types of services and treatments to the community. In this context, society truly does value those efforts. The evolution in recent years is also palpable as a result of the different hospitals under construction within the private sector. The private sector has consolidated its services and offerings as a clear reference for the public sector and the country and Centro Médico Paitilla has remained a leading force in the country and the region's health developments.

Beyond technological innovation, what other initiatives is the center embarking on?

We work hard to create a culture around prevention in Panama and invest a great deal of effort in promoting and participating in talks, conventions, special events, and similar sectoral meetings that target the public. Health topics should be an ongoing learning process for everyone. We annually organize a scientific meeting for the medical community here and bring in highly qualified professionals from the health sectors from Latin America and the US. We consider all these efforts as part of our corporate responsibility actions.