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TBY talks to Javier Montilla Q., Managing Director, CONGREX PANAMA, on the sector.

Javier Montilla Q.

How has CONGREX PANAMA evolved since its establishment?

We have been around since 1974, starting back in Venezuela. In 1981, we started an international group called the CONGREX Group and have partners mainly from Sweden and Venezuela. We had three directly owned companies in Sweden, the Netherlands, and Venezuela. In 2006, we came to Panama to open a regional business that could cover the whole region. In 2007, we acquired a company in Panama with a branch in Costa Rica and started operating in the entire region. By 2008, we had a presence in 14 countries, including three countries in Latin America. We subsequently became independent in 2014. Since that year, we have grown by a steady 9% a year on average.

What are your targets for 2017?

Our main priority is growth, specifically organic growth. We want to achieve that by setting a differentiation strategy. We want to be different, though in a way we are already different. We want to develop that further beyond. The main difference right now is our transparency. We truly need to be transparent, and we have been doing so as an organization from the very beginning. Accountability is completely embedded in our DNA.