TBY talks to Monica Shaw, Cluster Head - Panama, Honduras, South Caribbean, GSK, on the sector.

Monica Shaw

How important is Panama to GSK's operations?

We are no longer just a Panama-focused enterprise but truly a regional-based business. Our factory here exports around 90% of what we produce, mainly to Central America and Mexico. The main product that we produce here is Panadol in several versions. Our operations are important, not only because it is a sign of how multinational companies believe in the country as a place for manufacturing but also because we employ people from Panama. In terms of logistics, from our warehouses in Colón GSK ships products to almost 24 countries in Latin America. It is a large and critical operation for GSK.

How is GSK improving quality of life of Panamanians?

An area I am passionate about is HIV, which has seen incredible advances in treatment over the last few years. There are 170,000 people diagnosed with HIV in Panama and this is something that governments increasingly look to do more for. We have a broad base of HIV products and recently launched an innovative treatment and the government has been helpful with in getting approved expediently to help the population access innovative healthcare as soon as possible.