TBY talks to Leo van Druenen, Area Director Americas, BAM International, on the sector.

Leo van Druenen

How is BAM International positioned to add value to the LNG segment in Panama?

Our LNG jetty project is exciting because it influences the availability of cheap shale gas from the US. As this technology develops further, it will create other opportunities as well. We are building an import terminal that can also serve off-take. It is extremely valuable to develop something so close to the Panama Canal that can supply the smaller vessels and so on. The growing economies in the region demand energy and power, especially clean energy, and the availability and distribution of LNG in the region is of great interest to everyone.

In which other sectors will BAM expand its operations in Panama and within the region?

We have always had a focus on marine construction because that is a strength that is recognized throughout the world. We do not bring much added value to mining operations; it is more about activities like material handling, where we typically seek a partner to export the raw product. Here, we focus on marine construction. There is specific expertise in the BAM Group related to tunneling. Another area we are interested in and also have a track record in is more complicated projects like hospitals and stadiums.