TBY talks to Dax Cabrera, Founder of Medsis Medical Systems, on the healthcare sector.

Dax Cabrera

What is the concept behind Medsis?

We moved to Panama with the idea of uniting the different technologies needed for medical records, imaging, and laboratory systems and placing them on a single access portal. The infrastructure in Panama allowed us to build all the technologies into one platform, without the obstacle of licensing. Our system is called a national healthcare information system because we have the ability to consolidate the information of the Ministry of Health or even an entire country into a single evolving database. This is a new concept in healthcare and is the foundation of Medsis.

What are some wider implications of Medsis technology?

We are currently working with strategic partners using geo-location and Google's cloud as well as mobile capabilities to create an interactive system to combat the Zika virus. We are in fact working with super computers that crunch data and satellite imaging to check population census information as well as climactic patterns of risk areas to create a system where people can participate in reporting in order to report, prevent, and treat Zika. Currently there is no solution or real option to accurately report in real-time.