BHGE's many solutions help drive efficiencies, productivity and better customer outcomes for oil companies.

Yaqdhan Al Nabhani
Yaqdhan Al Nabhani is the Country Leader for Baker Hughes, a GE company, in Oman. He brings 18 years of diverse experience primarily in the oil and gas industry. He started his career with Schlumberger as a MWD Field Engineer in 2000 and joined Petroleum Development Oman (PDO) in 2004. In 2014, he was appointed the Internal Audit Manager for PDO. In 2016, Yaqdhan joined BHGE as Oman Country Director to grow and sustain BHGE’s business operations in Oman. He graduated from Sultan Qaboos University with a BSc in mechanical engineering.

How will BHGE's operations in Oman change following the completion of GE's divestment in the company?

GE's plans should have no impact on BHGE's operations. BHGE is committed to its strategy and to delivering for its customers. The separation will provide BHGE with an enhanced agility and ability to focus on leading in the oil and gas industry in Oman, as we have been doing now for decades. Historically, BHGE has had a strong track record in Oman. In addition, we are proud to increase the Omanization percentage to more than 85%, through our strong presence and strong government collaboration, resulting in skilled and capable local talents who are in a position to lead large-scale projects. Our history shows our commitment to Oman, which we intend on continuing and growing after our separation from GE in two to three years. This separation will take time, and both GE and BHGE are committed to an orderly process. The BHGE leadership team deeply values the benefits GE brings to the company but has been running a separate, publicly traded company with its own capabilities. We are not dependent on GE to succeed and are well positioned for growth on our own.

How is BHGE's digitization sector impacting the activities of the oil and gas industry?

Companies today are striving for ways to get connected to optimize their oil and gas operations. With only 3-5% of oil and gas equipment digitally connected, there is so much opportunity to spread technology, which will make the whole industry more efficient. By doing so, our customers can benefit from significant cost savings and increased maintenance effectiveness, avoiding unplanned downtime and maximizing equipment availability and production throughput. This is all done while reducing operational risks and improving safety. As a digital industrial company, we have many solutions that help drive efficiencies, productivity and better customer outcomes. Only BHGE has a full-stream capability: the portfolio, the technology and the people to radically transform the oil and gas industry and deliver unparalleled improvement in industrial yield for our customers.
How does BHGE support the oil and gas industry's efforts to improve production efficiency?
A vast majority of Omani wells require enhanced oil recovery (EOR) technologies to maintain and maximize production. Our portfolio of efficient, reliable and integrated EOR artificial lift solutions can overcome every technical challenge, and our experienced in-country engineering teams can advise on the best solutions throughout the lifecycle of the well and then keep them operating at peak performance to deliver the expected production rates and the lowest possible lifting costs. BHGE is the largest supplier of artificial lift systems in Oman, and we consolidate the whole process, as we are the only company that designs and manufactures each major component, so every part works together seamlessly and efficiently. This improves reliability and extends system run life in a range of demanding oilfield conditions.

What is BHGE's primary focus moving forward?
Service companies aspire to offer new technologies that deliver sustainable and efficient operations, and BHGE is the first and only full-stream company to bring together industry-leading equipment, services, and digital solutions across the entire spectrum of oil and gas development. Our focus is to invent smarter ways to bring energy to the world; our main strategy is to use our latest technologies and artificial intelligence to optimize costs and increase efficiency. The recent downturn and the disruptive approaches brought along, are redefining the shape of our industry. Oman is an important market for BHGE; we are leveraging our full-stream capabilities from upstream to midstream to downstream. This portfolio positions us to create new sources of value, improving productivity and project economics through integrated equipment and service offerings. In Oman, we are always striving to present the best service and innovative solutions that enhance production while efficiently controlling costs; this is reflected through our strong EOR technologies presence especially the latest artificial lift solutions ranging from ESPs to gas lift systems and others. ✖