TBY talks to Nicholas P. Barakat, CEO, OCTAL, on the sector.

Nicholas P. Barakat

What is your mission?

OCTAL was founded on a commitment to the principles of sustainability, which has shaped the development of our facilities and production methods. We have invested more than USD600 million in creating a purpose-designed production facility that exceeds environmental standards for and is significantly more efficient than conventional virgin PET resin and sheet plants.

What are your plans for expansion?

As one of Oman's principal exporters, we are looking forward to securing our expansion into new markets and consolidating our role as a prime destination for local talent. The past year saw us successfully transform our operations in the US and plans are already in place to ramp up capacity at our plant in Cincinnati by 50%. This is to meet the massive demand from our 60 major customers in North America. With the addition to our plant in Saudi Arabia, both are now fully capable of producing everything required throughout the manufacturing phase from raw materials to the final product, expanding our reach and capacity.