TBY talks to Sally N. Vale, Academic Director, Teaching & Learning Communities (TLC), on the sector.

Sally N. Vale

What challenges do you see for the school and for the education sector in general?

Currently, the population in the country is changing; jobs are not always secure, and families move and relocate. We must remain flexible while ensuring the school remains affordable and viable. The fact that we offer Arabic and English programs is important because there are more Arabic speakers coming to and remaining in the region. Because of the changing demographics, there now tends to be fewer native English speakers following the British program.

Are the efforts being implemented by the Ministry of Education adequate for the current situation in the country?

The Ministry of Education is doing its best in an environment that has many challenges. This is a young, developing country, and the ministry is working hard to grow and improve provision in both the government and private sector schools. TLC works well with the ministry and has been doing so for nearly 10 years now. The important thing is to maintain a dialog with the ministry to ensure we respect each other's needs and constraints.