Oman 2018 | TELECOMS & IT | COLUMN

TBY talks to Iyad Al Chammat, General Manager, Gulf Business Machines Oman, on the sector.

Iyad Al Chammat

How has the current state of the ICT sector translated into business opportunities for GBM?

The sector has been developing over the last few years. With the completion of extensive ICT infrastructure across the Sultanate, customers are now beginning to recognize how technology can help address crucial business concerns and contribute to their bottom line. Technologies such as big data, IT security, and data management centers can work to improve business processes across all industries and sectors.

Is ICT infrastructure in Oman complete, or is there room for development?

We are already at an advanced level in terms of infrastructure and development, though there is always room for evolution and development when it comes to technology. Gaps in the market do exist, and there is a need for increased awareness amongst major stakeholders about locating these in order to push market demand. In the current economic situation, decision makers are less willing to make investments in ICT. As it stands, there is also a need to enhance public and private sector partnerships to improve sectoral services.