John Kerry, US Secretary of State, on relations with Oman.

John Kerry

His Majesty Sultan Qaboos bin Said has given the US important advice and counsel, and has helped us to be able to do things that might otherwise have been difficult in terms of reaching out to people, building alliances, building coalitions, and, frankly, dealing with some complicated and important international security issues. Oman is contributing to the global dialogue and we’re grateful for that. In addition, we look forward to strengthening our trade and business affairs, but also our people-to-people relationship. And, very importantly, we think there are opportunities in science and technology to build a relationship that I know is important to Oman, and the US would like to see if we could move forward on that.

I also appreciate the support from the Minister of Foreign Affairs, who has been very helpful, together with His Majesty Sultan Qaboos bin Said, in helping to work through complicated challenges within the Gulf states. Oman has played an important role in the GCC and can advise us about what is happening in the region, and particularly in Iraq.

Obviously, there is a transition taking place throughout the Middle East, and throughout the Arab world, and nobody quite knows how it will unfold. However, some leaders have been ahead of the curve and looking carefully at how to empower people, create a transition, and do it in a way that’s thoughtful and works for everybody. And I think that His Majesty has been particularly thoughtful about that.

President Obama and the US are very grateful for the role that Oman plays in the region as an important force for peace and stability. And we appreciate Oman’s contributions to the region's defense strategy.