Nigeria 2018 | TELECOMS & IT | COLUMN

TBY talks to Femi Williams,, Group Managing Director, Chams, on the sector.

Femi Williams

What opportunities are you trying to pursue through new cutting-edge products?

Our area is identity management, for which we were the first. Our aim is to launch new solutions; we have two solutions in that area. We also partner with the government to transform its identity management strategy, along with third-party institutions that want to innovate or use those parameters to help them do business more intelligently. We create a gateway for that purpose called Confirm Me. Nigerians can now conduct business without seeing the other party; we have organizations that offer microloans to people without meeting them.

What are your main areas of focus for 2018?

We plan to expand much more in the area of identity management and export it. As a result of our involvement with the bank verification number (BVN) solution, we are one of the founding partners of the National ID and have connections to those two agencies. We are moving to provide solutions in addition to those platforms. This will be done in two ways: providing a platform for any organization that needs to do business through connectivity and an incubation system that we are testing on the market.