TBY talks to Raj Gupta, Chairman, African Industries, on the sector.

Raj Gupta

What is the importance of Nigeria within the 10 countries in which you operate?

Nigeria is the most dominant of our operations, which is why our head office is based here. We are a Nigerian group. Steel industries depend on infrastructure development, which is to a certain extent government driven and a lack of clear government focus on this area affects us. We have, however, improvised solutions to our problems over the last year. We have exported steel to West African countries and have diversified our product range. Our presence and reputation give us an edge over our competitors.
What are your priorities and expansion plans for the year ahead and the near future?
We have plans to invest in downstream and upstream, and are still working actively toward those investments. Our mission, at the moment, is a consolidation phase in line with the developments in the country. Consolidation means being stronger and more efficient in what we do. It brings value to our customers and builds a resilient and forward-thinking organization. We are also increasing our focus on the private sector with the slowdown in government spending.