Nigeria 2018 | TOURISM | COLUMN

TBY talks to Trevor J. Ward Managing Director, W Hospitality, on the sector.

Trevor J. Ward

What is the group's experience in Nigeria?

We are primarily involved in hotel development, and our work is categorized into three main areas. One is feasibility studies for new hotels to determine demand and how much money investors can make. We then continue to advise on operators and brand selection, and this is a natural progression to determine who will manage the hotel. The third stage is general advisory, and clients retain us during the development process to help them deal with architects and contractors and liaise with the operators through the development process.

What is your ultimate ambition for W Hospitality in Nigeria and the region?

My mission is to have a successful company that is known for being a part of changing the face of Africa's hotel industry. Nigeria as a whole is a huge market and our focus has always been hotel chains. Therefore, one of my goals is to get more branded hotels; however, it must be stressed that hotels do not always need a brand. We want more quality independent hotels as well; our focus is to help hotel development and hotel owners to increase the quality of hotels overall.