TBY talks to Harry Thomas-Odey, Managing Director, Heights Access, on the sector.

Harry Thomas-Odey

What sets Heights Access apart from others in the sector?

There is no other company in the world that does what we do; we are truly the first and only certified major construction equipment solutions and services company in the world. We support the construction industry with equipment solutions for effective construction and industrial engineering. In the developed world, we would likely not have a job because manufacturers of equipment solutions are readily available, but this is not the case in Africa. Though we are a small company, we have always worked with the top brands, and we now have access to the global resources of our manufacturing partners. Often, indigenous construction companies suffer because of their lack of equipment and knowledge about the equipment. We try to bridge that gap. One of our biggest references is what we call the King of Africa, the largest tower crane in Africa to date. It is also the seventh largest in the world. We installed and commissioned the crane together with our manufacturing partner Manitowoc Crane Groupe France. It stands 97m tall under hook and travels on a 330m track with a lifting capacity of 70 tons.