TBY talks to Dr. Hitesh Gangaramani, Chief Consultant, Family Dental Care, on the sector.

Dr. Hitesh Gangaramani

What are your expansion plans?

The success of such an operation requires keeping abreast of global dental developments and constantly upgrading our facilities and technological capabilities. Our three-pronged expansion plan consists of increasing infrastructure, acquiring 3D X-ray capabilities, and ushering in computer-aided design and manufacturing (CAD/CAM). Consumer demand is changing, and our high-profile patients, who are constantly on the move, require same day delivery of complex dental services. As an example, crowns require impressions, sending them abroad, and bringing them back a few weeks later. This requires the patients to undertake a couple of visits which can sometimes be inconvenient for them. I want my clinic to be able to complete a smile design in one day. In the coming year, my facilities will have CAD/CAM capabilities enabling same day delivery of digital crowns, bridges, and veneers. It is like 3D printing and means that all prosthesis can be made in-house and delivered quickly. The aim is to be self-sufficient, before we get more aggressive with advertising and creating awareness. Patients have indicated that had they known about us they would not have travelled overseas for complex dental treatments.