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TBY talks to Yen Choi, Group Executive Vice President & Chief Technical Officer, Netcom Africa

Yen Choi

What is your current client portfolio?

Our client base is extremely broad and includes large hotels, agriculture firms, international schools, universities, manufacturing companies, and oil and gas services, all the way down to small start-up companies. What is particularly important for us is that we have a strategic alliance with an international telecommunications company, Tata Communications. Tata Communications depends on Netcom Africa to connect its Nigerian customers' services to its global network.

What is your overall impact on the growth of Nigeria?

We deployed the first 3G data network in Nigeria based on TDD-CDMA, which also provided IP-based broadcast video content. With the entry of many submarine cable systems and reliable fiber optic networks, we have shifted many of our customers to fiber optic and microwave links. We have delivered a sense of confidence to businesses regarding the efficacy of conducting business on the Internet in Nigeria. Customers now have access to reliable services such as hosting servers in data centers, leveraging cloud services to reduce CAPEX and OPEX spending, and running mission-critical applications through the internet. We allow all Nigerian companies to leverage the power of their data to make their businesses and operations more efficient.