Nigeria remains an undiscovered destination in terms of tourism. International headline-making news about corruption, terrorism, and violence has had a direct impact on the sector, though this perception of Nigeria is sometimes far from reality.

Lagos offers not only one of widest range of restaurants and hotels in Africa, but is also a bustling hub teeming with activities and entertainment options. There is nothing one can't find or do in Lagos. Music and arts are the center of this cosmopolitan city, filled with entertainment, culture, and a rich nightlife. But if one prefers to admire the country's natural beauty, they can easily head to the beach, the bush, or woods. Fishing, trekking, and canoeing are only some of the options. In fact, going to the beach remains one of most cherished activities for locals and expats in Lagos. Tarkwa and Lighthouse beaches are the easiest to access and feature the best waves. Surfing, meanwhile, is becoming more and more popular with locals. Surfing Magazine recently visited the city for the first time together with a small group of traveling surfers, making the waves of Tarkwa an online hit.

For those who prefer the woods, the Lekki Conservation Centre is not far away from the city. This urban park features the longest canopy walk in Africa, 401m of suspended bridge that allows one to walk with monkeys, admire the city from above the verdant tropical forest, and forget Lagos' traffic woes for a while. Visitors can even play giant chess or checkers at its rest areas.

Outside of Lagos, one of the country's most notable events are the carnivals, most of them celebrated in December. The Calabar carnival is the most well known and the one that draws the largest number of spectators. These colorful festivals are a celebration of culture and creativity and include a number of acrobatic displays.