Mozambique 2015 | TRANSPORT | COLUMN

TBY talks to, Théophane Narayanin, Treasurer of the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Reunion and Social Council of Reunion on relationship between Reunion and Mozambique.

Théophane Narayanin

Historically, how would you describe the commercial and economic relationship between Reunion and Mozambique?

Reunion is a French Island, located near Mozambique. We are located just three hours away by nonstop flight, which of its own is important. However, the cultural perspective is critical to a better understanding. It is important to know that there are both Indians and Africans on the African coast. Currently, we are giving the greatest importance to Mozambique, primarily do to its size, but also because its current development has considerable potential. We have decided to locate a satellite Chamber of Commerce for Reunion in Maputo. We aim to bring company managers from Reunion and subsequently set up meetings with counterparts from Mozambique. We intend by June 2015, at the latest, for the satellite office to be installed.

How would you characterize the interest of Reunion investors in Mozambique after this mission?

Right now we have a private delegation, consisting of the company managers, who are going to come to Mozambique in order to do some prospecting, each one in its own domain. They come here looking for potential partners in multiple and varied sectors including construction, food, aerospace, and land transportation.