TBY talks to Wanda Sevilla Krieb, General Director, Spring Professional, on the sector.

Wanda Sevilla Krieb

What methodology do you apply to select the perfect candidate for each of your clients?

Spring is part of the Adecco Group, an international firm of middle and senior management. We are divided into areas of expertise, such as sales and marketing, IT, human resources, and finance, among others. Within these, we are subdivided by sector and by type of position. All these converge in a 12-step methodology that must be covered by the candidate and client to guarantee the match. This methodology ensures that candidates are motivated and that they meet the profile the client seeks. This is one of our competitive advantages. We do interviews by competencies, either face-to-face or remotely via Skype, matching needs and skills.

What are the strengths and weaknesses of Mexican human capital?

One of the strengths of Mexican talent is that it is hardworking and focused on results. What are needed are candidates with negotiation skills. Companies increasingly have international multidisciplinary teams, and negotiation skills are vital to reach agreements and solve problems.