Mexico 2018 | INDUSTRY | COLUMN

TBY talks to Mario Aguirre, CFO, KDM Fire Systems, on the sector.

Your focus has been on office buildings and industrial sites so far. What opportunities do you see in commercial or housing buildings?

Fire protection solutions apply to every industry and human activity that has a fire risk. Our core activities include working on the industrial side, especially in the oil and gas sector. We see many opportunities linked to the energy reform and the entire infrastructure that will be installed based on that policy. That is one of our focuses as well as the entire pipeline infrastructure to bring gas from the US. From the oil and gas segment, those two things will bring business opportunities. We see other areas of opportunity, such as the tourism sector, which is growing significantly. We have many customers there and chains are opening new hotels at a steady pace. We look forward to exploring some opportunities in areas such as mining, chemical, and maritime. In Mexico, there are not many companies that can do that, and vessels tend to get their needs sorted in other countries.