Mexico 2018 | FINANCE | COLUMN

TBY talks to Álvaro Ambrosi, General Director, THONA Seguros, on the sector.

Álvaro Ambrosi

What is THONA's strategy to reach the population traditionally excluded from insurance services?

We are a life insurer for all and do not shy away from the uninsured. However, we have to reach a sufficient premium to cover the risks. The cost will not be the same for all, though we are open to closing a deal. We are the 40th-largest company in terms of premiums amongst the over 100 companies that exist. In our segment, we are the 10th. We have many links with the government and want to diversify more and reach the private sector. These links will help us grow

What sets you apart from other insurance companies offering services to the private sector?

When the insured or beneficiary has something to claim, they have to feel attended to. In Mexico, there is no better publicity than word of mouth. If we insure unions that have more than 10,000 members and they announce the excellent treatment they received, they give us permanence. We must have clear service standards and be extremely demanding in this regard. In 2018, we achieved a great deal of stability and made significant progress in the automation we are undertaking.