TBY talks Juan Pablo Hernández De Anda, Commercial Director, De Anda Grupo Industrial, on the sector.

Which product from your portfolio has the highest demand?

Our cage equipment for egg production and structures for broiler chickens and pigs are popular. These have evolved in the last few years, as these production systems have become more automated. Large companies such as Bimbo and Herdez are now asking for producers to produce cage-free eggs, set to effect 10% of Mexico's hen population.

Do your systems help producers meet the demand for eggs in the local market?

Mexico's capacity is not enough to meet the demand. When the market grows, there is no way to meet the demands. We are the leaders in Mexico because there is no other factory like ours at a national level. Our competitors are from Europe and the US.

How has demand for turnkey industrial barn projects evolved?

Typically, all the farms we build in Mexico are turnkey projects. We build the structure and install equipment and give clients a farm fully ready for poultry. We typically sell equipment, whereas such barns do not require as much technology. It involves the roofed structure with a controlled environment, feeding and drinking equipment, and heaters.