TBY talks to Nicolas Angenscheidt, Country Manager, G4S, on the sector.

Nicolas Angenscheidt

Do you see a trend toward further fragmentation in the security market?

The market will only become more dispersed. It is already segregated, with different services, as not every company can offer a full security solution. We provide all services, as well as security consulting and risk analysis. We also do formal 24-hour executive protection for VIPs—both with drivers and bodyguards—and high-value custody on the road.

Is labor provision a challenge for your company?

We have almost 3,500 employees. We have complicated turnover issues because the unemployment rate here is under 4%, so the pool to hire security guards is getting smaller. Unfair competition plays another role because some companies are not fully compliant, and this is a battle we continue to fight.

How prepared is Mexico in the field of cybersecurity?

There were certain issues last year that drew many companies' attention to cybersecurity. Not everybody has firewalls or cyber policies; we need to have a preventive approach on these issues and have experts to advise on these. There is certainly a huge opportunity for the entire industry.