TVY talks to Eduardo Andrade Iturribarria, Mexico Director, Sacyr, on the sector.

What role does the Mexican market play for Sacyr?

Mexico is the home market for Sacyr, with a full set of operations, bringing four divisions into the country. This includes a construction company, an industrial construction company, a services company, and a concessions company. Mexico is the next frontier for Sacyr because we want to expand into Latin America due to its huge potential for infrastructural development. Mexico lags behind in the infrastructure it needs to achieve its full potential, especially social infrastructure like hospitals and transport infrastructure.

Do you apply smart building technologies?

For buildings, we have geothermal low entropy technology that substitutes high-voltage air conditioning. That is new in America but is extremely common in Europe. We are trying to design in the cleanest ways and utilize construction materials with the least impact in terms of the environment. Our governing body in Madrid has a Chief Innovation and Technology Officer, which is not typical for a company such as Sacyr.