TBY talks to Mauricio Garza, General Director, Interpuerto Monterrey.

Mauricio Garza

How has the general landscape of industrial parks in Mexico evolved in the past few years?

Industrial parks in Mexico have evolved significantly, and we have one of the best infrastructures of industrial parks. There are certain areas of opportunities, but in general, industrial parks have come a long way with all the industrial services that they offer.

What is your strategy to attract more companies to Interpuerto Monterrey?

The entire Interpuerto Monterrey project covers 1,433ha, out of which we have over 1,000ha available. Currently, we are in the midst of completing a customs house that will give us a great advantage over other industrial parks by providing a foreign trade zone. In the entire northern Mexico, we are the only facility that has offers facilities such as a customs house, two railroads, fiber optics, electricity, water, and natural gas; we seek to offer a more comprehensive approach.

What is your outlook for next year?

We recently signed with two important Mexican companies, one for agri-business and one industrial. The Mexican domestic market is growing fast and companies that typically export are also taking a look at the domestic market because we have become the 12th-largest economy in the world.