Mexico 2018 | ECONOMY | COLUMN

TBY talks to Frédéric Garcia, President, Executive Board of Global Companies (CEEG) on the sector.

Frédéric Garcia

What public policies can be implemented to raise productivity in the country?

We recently presented our vision called Mexico 2030 that concerns the fourth industrial revolution targeted at growth, productivity, and social inclusion. 2030 is the date selected by the UN for sustainable development growth. We presented this vision with the ambition to reach four goals: for Mexico to become one of the top-five exporters in the world, double Mexico's productivity to become more efficient, double GDP per capita and improve its distribution, and create 1 million formal jobs per year for greater social inclusion.

What policies should the new government prioritize?

The most urgent is the consolidation of the rule of law. The cost of insecurity to the private sector in Mexico alone is about USD8 billion, which is the cost of the new airport in Mexico City. In order to tackle insecurity, we propose ranking the 10-worst roads and railways for stolen freight and kidnapping on a monthly basis in order to chart improvements. In terms of transparency, for example, we propose that every supplier, at all government levels of federal, state, and municipal government, follows the same transparency requirements as companies on the stock exchange.