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TBY talks to Juan Antonio Hernández, Chairman, Grupo Autofín, on the sector.

Juan Antonio Hernández

In which areas do you see the most significant opportunities, and how will you seize them?

People today focus on durability: they want to live longer and better. For this reason, the health and tourism sectors are extremely attractive areas of development. Then comes the energy sector, which is high-risk because Europe recently signed an agreement that aims to eliminate the use of coal as an energy source, which is why investors in fossil energy see their investments in jeopardy

What is your vision for Acapulco's future in 10 years, and how will these developments translate into social development for the city?

Our actions have to be directed to help the community. In Acapulco, there are strong business leaders who have to act before waiting for others to do so. Personally, I try to motivate and convince them; however, I have to work within my means to achieve the stated objectives

With the renegotiation of NAFTA, do you predict a potential impact on the different activities of the Autofín group?

If the treaty is cancelled, the first impact will be on the exchange rate, with unemployment coming in second. I would recommend making every effort to ensure the treaty continues. However, the exchange rate tells us we are on the right track. The peso has been revaluated with the expectation that the treaty will continue. The reality is that Mexico has not made the most of that agreement, and this risk will force businesspeople to be more aware. This will force us to diversify, open up, and look for more opportunities around the world.