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TBY talks to Héctor Cuéllar Sosa, Director General, Válvulas Worcester, on the sector.

Héctor Cuéllar Sosa

In 2015, Válvulas Worcester's market share was around 60%. Has that figure changed and how have your clients and market focus evolved in Mexico over the last two years?

Válvulas Worcester's market share has grown to 65-68%. The first reason is that the automotive industry established here in Mexico over the last five years has been a great customer for us. Most of the assembly plants for carmakers, such as Audi, GM, and Toyota are our clients, and we, therefore, have a larger installed base now. The second factor is that we have developed a new line of products. Previously, we basically only supplied ball and gate valves. Today, we sell butterfly valves, where previously just two companies shared most of the Mexican market.

How have Válvulas Worcester's automated valve products developed over the last few years?

The trend with most manufacturers is to grow by using a great deal of automation and this is an area where Válvulas Worcester has experienced considerable growth. We have hired specific personnel for our sales force, which is holding many shows with our distributors and end users to promote automation, and this has worked extremely well. Our automated valves go to a variety of manufacturing sectors, such as pulp and paper, oil and gas, petrochemicals, and food processing.