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TBY talks to Jorge Vázquez González, Director General, Redegal on the sector.

Jorge Vázquez González

How did Redegal get started in Mexico?

Redegal was set up 13 years ago. We are a group of Mexican and Spanish capital originally mostly active in Spain before venturing first into Brazil in 2013 and into Mexico later that year. We now have three defined business units: mobility, platforms and e-commerce, and digital marketing. In Mexico, there is substantial work to be done in each of these units because new technologies and internet access are growing in the country. We like that the population is young and there is a high level of online consumption. We first focused on large accounts that allowed us to keep growing and investing in the country. In 2015 and 2016, we took off and doubled our revenue. This allowed us to open in Colombia and the US as well.

How is the business divided amongst your three units?

The Americas represent 35% of our business; the rest is Spain, where we are the second-most important e-commerce company. About 40% of our business is in marketing, 30% in mobility, and 30% e-commerce. Four years ago, when we arrived in Mexico, when the marketing part was non-existent; e-commerce was about 80% of our business while mobility made up 15%. This tells us how trends change with time. We have now great expectations for the mobility unit.