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TBY talks to Luisa Fernanda Cabrera, Country Manager, Travelport on the sector.

Luisa Fernanda Cabrera

How has Travelport grown as a company in Mexico?

Travelport entered Mexico after a series of acquisitions, and was initially focused on merging different companies targeting different kinds of clients. Five years ago, we became a single entity in Mexico, and there has been sustained growth ever since, growing 5% in 2016 alone. We now consider ourselves more than just a Global Distribution System (GDS); we are a travel commerce platform that combines different products. We have the GDS, technology, services, and special products that can help, and we serve different types of customers. We also have leisure travel agencies, travel management companies, and online agencies.

How would you define your growth strategy in Mexico?

There are many other sectors we can target, and Travelport has become a powerful Travel Commerce Platform in different ways. We based our strategy on several important pillars: empowering sellers, and helping our providers, users, and the travel agents to have real content at real time to serve their customers. We also have unrivaled content and work with more than 500 airlines around the world, including low-cost carriers. We also have 650,000 hotel properties, making us the fourth-largest hotel provider in the world.