TBY talks to Sergio Pelayo, Director General, Los Osun, on the sector.

Sergio Pelayo

How did the family get into the business of distilling agave?

Here in La Noria Sinaloa, there is not much water; therefore, other types of agriculture are hard to develop here, but with agave you do not need irrigation. When we got involved, we saw it was a hard market and therefore wanted to be different and come up with a quality product to compete on our own terms. We focus on quality over volume because we think that, if you do volume, you lose the essence of the product. Our idea was to make a local product, and now our product symbolizes Mazatlan. In the last three years, we have doubled our sales each year, and we export to several cities in the US.

How do you integrate tourism into the business?

We want to make more national tours to let people enjoy our facilities. For every three that visit, one ends up buying a bottle. Therefore, letting them get to know the factory and taste the product is an integral part of the business. We also have a great relationship with a company that sells tours to passing ships.