Mexico 2017 | INDUSTRY | COLUMN

TBY talks to Carlos Orduz Aguilar, Director General, TICSA Grupo EPM, on the sector.

Carlos Orduz Aguilar

Why did EPM make the decision to invest in TICSA and in Mexico?

Within the whole analysis of options in Latin America there were two priorities: Chile and Mexico. Mexico is an important country because of its economy, with potential for development in the sector of water treatment and in general processes of the world of water. There are still major gaps in water treatment given the level of development of the economy. What EPM wants is to capture this market of collecting water, purifying it, transporting it, treating it, distributing it, delivering it, recovering residual water, reusing it, and so on.

What is the importance of TICSA for EPM?

EMP mostly focuses on energy. It represents 80% of our business. Water treatment is now a small portion of our business, but from the strategic point of view, we are turning more to water, taking into account environmental and social problems around the water issue. The potential business from municipalities that do not currently treat and reuse their water is enormous. EPM is doing a market study in Latin America and we see growth potential in the water segment. For EPM, this segment needs to be socially responsible as well as financially sustainable.