Mexico 2017 | TOURISM | COLUMN

TBY talks to Ismael Rodríguez, Director General, Grupo Roga on the sector.

Ismael Rodríguez

Has making things easy always been a key part of the business strategy?

One of my philosophies is to be excellent at the ABCs of business. That means good customer service in every department of the stores, well-stocked inventories, and the ability to deliver every product we sell within a day at most. We also have to manage the credit facilities and collections for those payments in the best way possible. We are fast, even faster than larger companies. We are fast in terms of customer service and adapting to the market because we are smaller. We do not have a large or complex organizational structure; therefore, if a problem arises, it is handled quickly.

What has been your geographic expansion strategy?

Mexico has a large market, and the north is doing the best in economic terms. The border states are successful as long as the US is doing well, which we can generally rely on. Also, we expand in a geographically consecutive way; now we are present in Monterrey, Hermosillo, Saltillo, León, and Ciudad Juárez, and are looking at Baja California and Querétaro. This makes the logistics easier and supports further expansion.