Mexico 2017 | FINANCE | COLUMN

TBY talks to Jean-Urbain Hubau, General Director, Edenred, on the sector.

Jean-Urbain Hubau

What are the main services provided by Edenred?

Our main business in Mexico is fleet management and the largest fleets of the country in different industries choose us to manage their fuel expenses. Another product that we launched two years ago that is doing well is a corporate expense solution. It is a card with MasterCard capabilities that helps companies to control expenses via an app to check transactions, request more money on the card, and so on. We also have “despensa,” where 3 million users do their shopping with our product in the main retailers' chains. The idea is to be an innovative company in services and technology, and provide solutions and consulting to companies. We have been communicating with the media, clients, and associations because it is not that common to have such a company culture oriented toward innovation and entrepreneurship. It is not perfect because our business is not that well known; however, there are many people and companies using our products and they have started to understand what they are using, so the moment of the company now is quite interesting.