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TBY talks to Pablo Orta, Country Manager, Duracell Mexico, on the sector.

Pablo Orta

What is the history of the Duracell brand in Mexico?

Duracell has been in operations for 60 years in Mexico; it has been close to its consumers and is familiar with Mexicans of all ages. Many years ago, we used to have a plant here; since then it has been an iconic and leading brand in the market. Seven out of 10 consumers would name Duracell if asked to name a battery brand. We are category leaders and have that leadership in the minds of our consumers. It is a genuine Mexican brand for our consumers.

Duracell has now become an independent company outside of Procter & Gamble. What does that mean for it?

In general, this is great news for Duracell. I worked for 13 years as part of P&G and, now, under Berkshire Hathaway, the goal is to build on our rich past and strong foundation, and transform the world's number-one battery maker into the world's number one personal power company. Our business continues to adapt and evolve, but we remain committed to providing our customers with the high quality products and services they expect. Even as we become a more focused company, we will continue to lead the market by delivering superior batteries, best-in-class marketing, innovation, and in-store visibility.