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TBY talks to Mario Garza livas, COO, Grupo Más Valor on the sector.

Mario Garza livas

How did you come up with the new brand?

We had a strong footing in low-income housing in Mexico. It is a business-to-business market, and purchasers always seek the most cost-effective solution. They do not value quality service or add-ons that a company can provide for the product. We have identified certain developers in Mexico that want to differentiate themselves from the cost efficiency strategy. We have targeted those customers for 15 years and in a market that focuses on cheap products, we have developed great products at low costs.

What do you need to do differently to target high-income housing clients?

This market needs tailor-made solutions. Such companies and developers are well organized, well structured, and demanding. This is a market where experience and track record are important. Companies have to demonstrate success stories and prove they have done great work. When targeting high-income housing, a company has to be successful in managing labor. It must be able to provide the change in demand to be successful. Once it proves itself and demonstrates its confidence, it will win projects.