TBY talks to Gilberto Guzmán Otero, Director General, Colegio de Líderes (Miguel Angel Cornejo Foundation) on the sector.

Gilberto Guzmán Otero

What kind of programs do you offer?

The origin of the school came from the need of companies to develop their mid-level executives, directors, and owners. The teaching models were mainly American; however, the success of our school was that we were able to adapt it to Mexico. We created the model of managerial excellence, with 20 principles for productivity and four marketing keys. Our focus is SMEs, but we have worked with multinational companies that needed a Mexican perspective for their success. We also have a strong presence in South America.

How has the transformation of entrepreneurial education developed in Mexico?

Many executives follow trends. They demand that we develop mid-level executives, no matter the size of the company. They look for tools to improve management. I have found they demand leadership training and motivation. We have seen that many young people do not have an entrepreneurship drive, but are full of energy and motivation; therefore, we harness their energy by giving them managerial skills. Approximately 90% of our market is small companies; nevertheless, the same tools work for big or small companies.