TBY talks to Rubén Imán, Director General of Onest Logistics, on recent developments, the average profile of its clients, and e-commerce.

Rubén Imán
Rubén Imán has 25 years of experience in logistics, including four years in Colgate Palmolive, Unilever de México for three years, and Distribuidora Malsa for 14 years, as National Operations Director and Commercial Vice-President. In his current position as Director General of ONEST Logistics, he has secured contracts with firms such as Procter & Gamble, Black & Decker, and Comercial Mexicana, among others. The company has become Mexico’s second largest 3PL logistics supplier.

How have you sought to develop your business interests over the past decade?

We were one of the leading companies in the sector for 14 years, and sold it to a British business group 12 years ago. Later, along with my previous business partners, we decided to incorporate this company. It has been a long road in which we have gone through all possible stages, until reaching the second spot in the Mexican logistics industry just behind DHL. However, we are the largest Mexican logistics company. The business model and the working structures are the same as we had in our previous company. Yet, we have learnt to explore new market segments that over a decade ago were irrelevant, like e-commerce. In this context, we have adapted the company to new market scenarios. Today, around 2,500 people work for Onest Logistics, from the 25 or so on the first day. Our operating surface is 320,000 sqm and we are set to open a new storage facility of 20,000 sqm. We are looking forward to opening two more storage facilities 30,000 sqm each in 2015. We are in the process of expanding our infrastructure and storage facilities; we will have an additional 100,000 sqm in about one year's time. This expansion in surface area means a growth in sales volumes and employee numbers. We expect over the next three years to become the leading logistics company in the Mexican industry. Only then will we look into expanding abroad, such as in Costa Rica, Panama, Colombia, Brazil, or Argentina. One of our main advantages is the personalized service we offer to each one of our clients, putting quality and security at the top of our priorities. Today, I would say that 50% of our sales come from recommendations and word of mouth. In terms of growth, 2014 will be the fifth year in a row that we post a 20% growth rate, and we believe that for next year too, we will achieve growth of 22%-23%.